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Due to swearing and people being really horrible, to the ladies that are on here. There are certain names that we know of like, Sophia and a bloke could Arun, who do nothing but swear and ate so vulgar to others. It would be better if there was a some kind of warning situation, that could be sent out to alla these players. Just so this could curb some of this happening, because we have so many friends on here, who has left because of this. And they have now deleted this poker app, due to this problem!!! So please is there any chance that this could be looked at. Kind regards Steven. Or mind games.

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Please add at least double the current as a choice. Svar från utvecklarenThanks for your suggestion! Have fun playing! I bought in to a larger tournament, the app froze showing me at the table I have screenshot but nothing happening. Please get in touch with our management team at support kamagames. In fact, players have access to free chips in-game on a daily basis. Should you have any further concerns, feel free to contact us anytime at support kamagames.

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